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Available in three fun varieties!


Thank you for visiting With recent changes in law and a growing demand for natural resources Cannabis products are the future. This is your opportunity to be a part of a major movement that is only growing in popularity. Be the first to start this revolution! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or general inquiries for wholesale pricing and re-seller information. 

​Benefits of Hemp

Hemp is high in omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9.  The even content ratio of these fatty acids closely resembles the skins lipids and is easily recognized by our bodies.  This makes it ideal for hydration because it is easily absorbed.  Other products alone tend to just coat the skin's surface while hemp penetrates through the top layer allowing for deep moisturizing.







Wellness Products

When it comes to moisturizing Hemp Butter All-in-One is the one that does it all!  Made with organic Cannabis Sativa! Great for use on hair, hands, body and more! Our wellness products include the very best lip balm and vitamins for skin. 


Hemp Butter All-in-One was created by a consumer just like you in search of an all natural alternative for hair, skin and body hydration!

About Us

Chocolate Kush  is the original Hemp Butter All-in-One. It has a refreshing chocolate aroma that just melts into your skin. Mmm chocolate!

Maui Wowy Packed with mango and hibiscus, it has a pleasantly light floral scent. This gem will have you wishing you were on the islands of Hawaii!

Ginger Haze  All new vegan variety with sweet ginger and fairtrade shea.  Made with just five flawless ingredients so you can get the most from the power of cannabis!